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11/17/2020 Update

Greetings neighbors,

We hope this message finds you safe and well. Below are the latest updates on our progress at "The Emery".

Power Connection Work in Streets

Halleck street power connection work was completed and PG&E "tie-in" date to energize the project is still pending. Street repairs were made and sidewalk repairs are scheduled to be completed this week weather permitting.

EBMUD Water Connections

EBMUD permanent water system tie in locations have been opened up at Sherwin & Hubbard and Horton and 46th street. Once we are ready EBMUD will connect us to their water system. We anticipate this will occur in early December 2020.

The EBMUD water system should be complete on site this week and will be tested the week of 11/23. We expect the permanent connection work from EBMUD to occur in early December 2020.

On Site This Week

Building B1 wood framing continues this week as well as our plumbing and mechanical rough installations.

Building B2 parking garage continues to progress and all concrete work there should be completed by December 2020.

Building D foundation footings are under way again.

On site joint trench electrical underground work continues on site at Building D and 46th street this week.

We have received a few questions about the exterior wall "mock ups" being constructed at the south end of the site along the Sherwin Avenue frontage. These mock ups help us demonstrate how we will sequence, detail, and build certain exterior conditions of our buildings. The location of these mock ups was determined by available space on site and they face inward so what is visible to the neighbors may look like the back of a movie set.

Have a safe week and we will be in touch with additional updates as the work progresses.