2/22/22 Update

Greetings neighbors,

We hope this message finds you safe and well. Below are the latest updates on our progress at "The Emery".


Joint Trench Undergrounding Work on Horton Street:

The Joint Trench (power and telecom utility trenching) work on Horton Street between Sherwin Avenue and Park Avenue is still in progress. Underground trenching has been completed. Sidewalk improvements will start the first week of March along the West side of Horton Street adjacent to the businesses. Please be aware that extensive traffic controls will be in place during this work and it will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. There will be increased truck traffic occurring during working hours, generally 7am - 6pm each day.

45th & Hollis Intersection:

One of the improvements we are constructing as part of the development is a traffic signal at 45th and Hollis. The work is almost complete. We are just waiting on the final building permit approval from the City. We anticipate completion of this intersection by early March 2022.

Horton Street Manhole Abandonment:

Our subcontractors will abandon an unused lateral connection to a manhole on Horton Street in front of the office building. Please be aware of traffic controls, excavation work, and increased truck traffic to and from this location from 2/28/2022 - 3/3/2022.


Buildings continue to progress onsite at various stages of completion.

Our first two buildings are targeting occupancy by Q2 2022. There is still a long way to go to make those dates but we remain optimistic.