Greetings neighbors,

We hope this message finds you safe and well. Below are the latest updates on our progress at "The Emery".


Power Connection Work

We anticipate a power interruption when we connect our permanent power to the site; estimated July/August 2021. We will continue to request clearer communication and more careful planning by PG&E for future planned outages that affect the neighborhood.

Sidewalk Removals (Horton Street west side)

Sidewalks along the west side of Horton Street between Sherwin Avenue and 45th Street were removed in order to investigate potential tree conflicts with the joint trench and curb/gutter/sidewalk work to be installed. The joint trench installed in this area is also tied to the "undergrounding" work required on Horton Street. We also removed sidewalks north of 45th Street where large utility boxes are to be placed close to trees. Our engineers staked and marked (w/ spray paint) the facilities to be installed along this frontage so we can identify any conflicts with existing tree root structures, etc. It is anticipated these sidewalks will be out of commission for roughly 8 weeks and southbound pedestrian traffic will be diverted to the east side of Horton Street as a result. Thanks for your patience as we prepare to complete this important joint trench/undergrounding work on Horton Street.

Soil Off Haul

We anticipate soil off haul occurring on Thursday 4/29 and Friday 4/30 this week. Please be aware there will be increased truck traffic and street sweeping associated with this activity.

Sherwin Avenue Sidewalk Construction (North side)

We have a target start of construction for the new permanent sidewalks along the north side of Sherwin Avenue between our construction entrance and Horton Street the week of 5/3/2021.


Building B1 stucco/plaster installation in progress and we expect brick installation to start in early May.

Building B2 wood framing continues. Window installation is in progress. Mechanical trades are working inside the garage and the wood frame structures. Roofing work begins this week.

Building D Wood framing is in progress on level one. Fire Sprinkler and plumbing installation starting in the garage this week.

Building C (last bldg!) Ground floor slab placement tomorrow 4/28/21. Please expect additional concrete truck traffic tomorrow. Wood framing to start by end of May 2021.

Structural Concrete placement remaining:

There are only 3 large structural concrete placements left for Building C (and the site) expected tomorrow 4/28, mid-May, and then the last week of May 2021. Lately due to the volume of work in the industry we have been dealing with excessively slow concrete supply issues on days when we do this type of work so while we hope to avoid future noise ordinance waivers (finishing by 6pm) it is possible we may need waivers to complete this remaining work. We won't know until the work is under way on the day in question so please stay tuned...

Please keep in mind that with the rainy season upon us there will be a greater need for street sweeping so we are compliant with local and state stormwater management ordinances.

Have a safe week and we will be in touch with additional updates as the work progresses.