You probably noticed on our website for the past few weeks we have been planning to start the work to connect the Sherwin site to PG&E power instead of running off of temporary generators. We finally obtained permission from the City Public Works Department to pick up our encroachment permit this Friday 6/26/20 so we can get this important work started on Monday 6/29/20. The work will take some time and will be disruptive to the surrounding streets including Park, Halleck, Sherwin & Horton. We anticipate that in September once PG&E is ready to power our transformer on site for temporary power there will be a neighborhood power shut down required. We will make sure notices go out via our website and from PG&E with the date and time period for this outage.

The tentative schedule and work activities are as follows:

Contractor starts work 6/29/20.

  1. Park Street: 12 Days
    • Trenching across Halleck / Park intersection to SE corner of Park Street.
    • Placing #7 box in Park Street frontage
    • Blocking off parking stalls on South side of Park Street
    • Tree protection
    • Rebuild curb alignment for Park street corner.
    • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.
    • Street sweeping as needed.
  2. Halleck Street: 16 Days
    • Trenching at southern portion of Halleck Street, east side.
    • Trenching at northern portion of Halleck Street across Sherwin
    • Blocking off parking stalls on southern and norther ends of Halleck Street.
    • Setting #7 box on project site, Sherwin Ave frontage.
    • Setting temporary transformer on project site, Sherwin Ave frontage.
    • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.
    • Street sweeping as needed.
  3. Sherwin Avenue (From Hubbard to Halleck): 16 Days
    • Trenching under north side of Sherwin Ave along project frontage
    • Trenching under existing sidewalk on Sherwin Ave
    • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.
  4. Sherwin Avenue (From Horton to Hubbard): 13 Days
    • Trenching under sidewalks along project frontage north side of Sherwin Ave.
    • Trenching across Sherwin Ave to new street lights
    • Trenching across Sherwin Ave then under sidewalk on South side of Sherwin to set #7 Box.
    • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.
  5. Horton Street (From Sherwin to 46th): 33 Days
    • Tie in trench at Sherwin & Horton Street
    • Trench north along Horton Street frontage in parking area to 46th Street.
    • Cross Horton Street to tie in conduits.
    • Tree protection
    • Parking spaces blocked
    • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed

**NOTE: All phases of the work summarized above will include the following as needed:

  • blocking off parking stalls (signs will be posted)
  • tree protection
  • street sweeping
  • traffic control signage and personnel

***NOTE: All dates and durations are “estimated” targets at this point and may occur sooner or later depending on site conditions, unknown issues, etc.

After the joint trench power work is complete on the perimeter streets, we will move into the project site to complete all the required trenching and conduit installation between the buildings. We appreciate your cooperation during this important and time sensitive part of the development work. Please let us know if you have any questions.

In addition to the Joint Trench work starting, we will have a bit more off haul of soils generated during site grading and foundation work activities.

Foundation footings are underway at Building B1 now and will start soon on buildings C and D. Underground plumbing and electrical systems are being installed at B1 as well.

Work continues on the foundation slab placement for Building B2 over the next two weeks.

Underground storm water and sanitary sewer utilities will begin installation on site during the month of July.

Needless to say the activity at the jobsite will become more intensive in the coming weeks, so please do be aware of an increase of surface traffic to and from the site as well as elevated noise levels during the work hours. Thanks again for your patience. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.