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As you know from our last post we are focused on our power connection work occurring on Sherwin, Halleck, and Park streets. This week was spent preparing for trenching on Halleck street and trying to locate PG&E conduits we needed to connect to starting from Sherwin Ave. We were unable to locate the conduits where PG&E had mapped them so we will need to run our trenching the full length of Halleck Street as a result, instead of being able to skip a long stretch in the middle. This is a slight change from what we had proposed. We still anticipate staying on our original 28 day schedule for the work on Halleck Street and Park Ave. even given this change. (we have been working 11 days so far)

We do plan to have the civil engineer stake the location of the #7 box excavation on the corner of Halleck Street and Park Ave. next week so excavation can proceed at that location.

Previous schedule:

  1. Park Avenue: 12 Days
    • Trenching across Halleck / Park intersection to SE corner of Park Street.
    • Placing #7 box in Park Street frontage
    • Blocking off parking stalls on South side of Park Street
    • Tree protection
    • Rebuild curb alignment for Park street corner.
    • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.
    • Street sweeping as needed.
  2. Halleck Street: 16 Days
    • Trenching at southern portion of Halleck Street, east side.
    • Trenching at northern portion of Halleck Street across Sherwin
    • Blocking off parking stalls on southern and norther ends of Halleck Street.
    • Setting #7 box on project site, Sherwin Ave frontage.
    • Setting temporary transformer on project site, Sherwin Ave frontage.
    • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.
    • Street sweeping as needed.


Many of you know we needed to get an emergency permission from the City Thursday 7/9/20 to go past noise ordinance hours for our concrete pour which took much longer than our subcontractor originally projected. We apologize for the late work at late notice and appreciate your patience. This was completely unintentional.

In order to avoid that situation again we are forcing our subcontractor to break up their next concrete pours into significantly smaller sizes that are still structurally sound and economically feasible. (see posted picture of site with pours numbered & dated)

The next two concrete pours will occur this Thursday 7/16 and Tuesday 7/21. We do not anticipate these operations will run past the noise ordinance limit of 6pm but out of an abundance of caution we are going to request permission from the City to go past the limit on those two days by an hour or so as a buffer. this would be a worst case scenario. There is a chance that only one pour will occur this week and if that happens then our back up date for the second pour will be 7/22/20. We will update you in the event this happens.

When we pour concrete there will be a great number of trucks entering and leaving the site which will necessitate more street sweeping. It also means concrete pumps will be on site which generally cause more noise than normal operations. Please be aware of the added noise and traffic and please be careful on the surrounding streets.

As always thanks for your patience and understanding.