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7/24/20 Update

Greetings neighbors,

We hope this message finds you well. Here are the latest updates on our progress at "The Emery".

Concrete Placement Work

Since our last update we have had two concrete placement activities on site at Building B2. We are pleased to report that we finished both of these scopes of work by 6pm on 7/16 and 7/21, so we did not need the noise ordinance waivers we secured from the City of Emeryville ahead of time.

Power Connection Work

It looks like our trenching work on Halleck street will conclude early next week. However we did encounter a surprise on Park Avenue this past week when we tried to set a connection box and found conduits in the way. We are reworking the plan for that area and as a result so finishing the connection work at that corner will be delayed by at least a couple of weeks.

In the mean time our contractor will shift their power connection efforts to Sherwin Avenue. The trenching will be on the north side (Sherwin Williams side) of the street from the corner of Halleck and Sherwin all the way up past Hubbard then switching to the south side of Sherwin street near the Horton Street intersection. This work was described in our 6/29 update post as follows:

3. Sherwin Avenue (From Hubbard to Halleck): 16 Days

  • Trenching under north side of Sherwin Ave along project frontage
  • Trenching under existing sidewalk on Sherwin Ave
  • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.

4. Sherwin Avenue (From Horton to Hubbard): 13 Days

  • Trenching under sidewalks along project frontage north side of Sherwin Ave.
  • Trenching across Sherwin Ave to new street lights
  • Trenching across Sherwin Ave then under sidewalk on South side of Sherwin to set #7 Box.
  • Traffic control signage and personnel as needed.

Thanks for your patience as we shift the sequencing of the power connection work for the next 30 days or so.

On Site This Week

Building B2 will be placing concrete on the remainder of the slab on grade as well as the first elevated concrete podium at the garage. We anticipate these activities will finish within the noise ordinance hours on Monday 7/27/20.

Building B1 will continue underground utility installation next week in preparation for slab placement.

Dewatering wells are being installed across the site to prepare for sewer and storm utility installations beginning in the next couple of weeks.

Have a safe and happy weekend and we will be in touch with additional updates as the work progresses.