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Greetings neighbors,

We hope this message finds you well. Here are the latest updates on our progress at "The Emery".

Concrete Placement Work

We plan to place concrete tomorrow for the slab at Building B1, the small building next to the existing office on Sherwin Avenue. We anticipate all work will occur within the City's noise ordinance hours but will alert neighbors and the City if there are unforeseen complications that arise tomorrow during the work that would extend the timing. Please be on the lookout for increased traffic from concrete trucks tomorrow.

Power Connection Work

As noted in our last update our contractor shifted their power connection efforts from Halleck & Park to Sherwin Avenue. We expect the trenching on Sherwin Avenue to be completed by next week at which point they will move on site for their trenching work.

On Site This Week

Building B1 slab placement tomorrow 8/28/2020.

Building B2 will continue to form up and prep upper levels of the central parking garage for concrete placement over the next couple weeks.

Sanitary sewer work continues on site along Hubbard Street this week and next week.

***Temporary Haul Route Change***

Due to sanitary sewer installation work on site along the Hubbard Street extension near Sherwin Ave, trucks will not be able to exit the site at the Hubbard street exit as is typical. We anticipate trucks entering and leaving the site from the Halleck street entrance during the first 3 days next week 8/31, 9/1, and 9/2 while the Hubbard street sewer work is completed. We will still direct trucks to leave via Hubbard Street (approved haul route) once they exit at the Halleck entrance, but please be aware there may be trucks that exit down Halleck by mistake.

Have a safe week and we will be in touch with additional updates as the work progresses.