Sept 9 2021 Traceair.JPG


Greetings neighbors,

We hope this message finds you safe and well. Below are the latest updates on our progress at "The Emery".


Power Connection Work:

PG&E has informed us that our first "permanent" power connection will take place next week from 9/20-9/23. PG&E told us there will not be a power disruption to our neighbors during this work.

Joint Trench Undergrounding Work on Horton Street:

The Joint Trench (power and telecom utility trenching) work on Horton Street began on 6/14/21. Please be aware that extensive traffic controls will be in place during this work and it will take approximately 8 - 12 weeks to complete between 46th street and Park Avenue. There will be saw cutting, heavy machinery excavation work, increased truck traffic for soil off haul, etc. occurring during working hours, generally 7am - 6pm each day.

45th & Hollis Intersection:

One of the improvements we are constructing as part of the development is a traffic signal at 45th and Hollis. The work is complete for now while we wait for the signal equipment to arrive.


Building B1

- cabinet install starts next week.

Building B2

- Drywall installation inside the building continues at various stages of completion.

- Exterior brick installation ongoing.

Building D

- Wood framing is in progress. Mechanical installations continuing.

Building C

- Wood Framing work well underway and mechanical installations ongoing.

Site Work

On 9/24 we will be refreshing all of the rock at the entrances to our site for winterization. Please be aware this work will require multiple trucks accessing the site.

Site Haul Route/Exit Change - 9/27 through 11/19/21

We need to temporarily change our large truck haul route/exit point. Large trucks will enter at Halleck (as normal) but they will be forced to exit the site at 46th & Horton Street northbound. This temporary change in large truck traffic is due to significant excavation and concrete flatwork occurring on both sides of Hubbard street at the normal exit point. Large trucks will not be able to physically turn on site and exit on Hubbard safely given the work in their way. Passenger vehicles and smaller trucks will be able to exit at the Halleck street entrance. This change in site circulation is expected to last from 9/27/21 through 11/19/21. We appreciate your patience as we complete this work on site. Please refer to the attached site logistics plan for more detail.

Have a safe week and we will be in touch with additional updates as the work progresses.