Update 3/28/20 - 4/14/20

We hope this message finds everyone safe and well during the current "shelter" order from the county due to COVID-19.

County "Shelter Order" Order

Work continues at the site consistent with Alameda County's latest update to the "shelter" order which was effective at midnight on Tuesday 3/31/2020, see following link to the order , ( http://www.acphd.org/media/563688/health-officer-order-20-04-shelter-in-place-20200331.pdf ) Section 13.f.v.3 of the order qualifies construction work as "essential" if the residential development has at least 10% affordable housing included. The plan for Sherwin exceeds this requirement by (The Emery) including 85 affordable homes or 17% of the total 500 homes and please note these affordable homes are spread proportionately throughout all four buildings.

Schedule Updates:

  1. This week soil off haul continued as well as the installation of drilled displacement columns (DDC's) at Building B2 . These columns are placed to help stabilize the ground before foundations are installed.
  2. We plan to start construction of the Hubbard Street gate consistent with our Construction Management Plan (CMP) in the next two weeks targeting completion by 4/17/20. Our grading contractor has been short handed given the recent COVID concerns so this work has been delayed for which we apologize. We are eager to get it done.
  3. Concrete demolition work will resume next week in the Building C area, the final portion left. The start date target is Thursday 4/9 and that work should continue for a couple of weeks.
  4. DDC's continue installation on building B2 and will start on Building D the week of 4/6/20.
  5. Concrete foundation footings for Building B2 are targeted to start by the end of next week 4/10/20 weather permitting.
  6. Please keep in mind that in order to prevent dirt from tracking out onto the streets and subsequent storm water pollution we are required to operate street sweeping services by the State Water Board , the DTSC, and the City of Emeryville. It takes the street sweeper truck about 4 passes to clean the entire width of the roadway so you may hear it going back and forth in the same stretch of roadway multiple times. We have directed the street sweeper to pause for at least 30 minutes before re-sweeping any road once it is completed in an effort to minimize disruptions to the neighbors. We hope that will help.

We appreciate your patience as we construct "The Emery" next door to you. You may see some minor website changes over the next couple of weeks as we try to make it more user friendly, so be on the lookout. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions during this time.